Create a serving or maturing wine cabinet that meets all your professional requirements.

6000 Series: the 100% customizable range

Design, performance and customization... The 6000 Series offers...
A range of temperature options to ensure your wine is at precisely the right temperature
1, 2 or multi-temperature according to your serving and/or storage requirements
A unique, customizable product thanks to a wide range of modular equipment which is both durable and attractive
A range manufactured in France...


Maturing or serving?

Maturing cabinets (1 temperature) recreate the exact conditions found in a natural cellar by meeting the 5 criteria essential for wine storage:
A constant temperature thanks to a dual Hot/Cold control (temperature gradient +/- 0.5°C).
Suitable humidity levels thanks to the Hygro + system and embossed aluminum walls
- A permanent ventilation system ensured by the basement window effect
U.V. protection, guaranteed for both the solid door and glass door which has highly effective U.V. screening
Protection from vibrations thanks to the compressor, separated from the cabinet body

A single temperature cabinet can be set with serving temperature for one type of wine (adjustable from 5 to 20°C).

Wine serving cabinets (multi-temperature) offer up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 to 22°C, allowing you to have, in one same cabinet, several types of wine (rosé, white, red) at their ideal serving temperature.

Wine serving cabinets (2 temperatures) offer 2 separate temperature zones: one part from 5 to 11°C and the other from 15 to 20°C to efficiently store up to 110 red wines and 60 white wines at their ideal serving temperature.


The right size to suit your space and storage requirements
A large model can store up to 182 bottles and a small model up to 74 bottles

3 types of doors

Storing, sorting and displaying your bottles... A specific shelf for every need!
Thanks to the "Main du Sommelier", our shelves can accommodate all kinds of bottles (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne...)


Lightwood or glossy black? Choose your shelf finish!
These “Premium shelves” offer the best protection thanks to the new-generation “Main du Sommelier” which cradles and protects your bottles from vibration. As they are detachable and repositionable, you can organize your shelf as you wish.
Thanks to a soft close device, the shelf closes slowly and quietly.

Identify your wine with the shelf labels in epoxy-coated steel that can be fitted on the shelf. You can even write the names of your wines thanks to an erasable marker pen.

Enhance the appearance of your bottles with a strip of light.

Ask for the 5-year warranty.