Design as artistic engineering

The creation of the appliance begins with the grounded concept of function. The design must perform exceptionally and unfailingly. The designer’s vision facilitates this function, yet inspires so much more. It can challenge engineering; it can innovate, but only in order to genuinely benefit the design conscious private chef. This is functional objet d’art.

Giving the metal purpose

Whether we are expertly guiding the latest laser cutter or painstakingly hand polishing, there is always an invaluable return upon the investment of so many skilled man-hours into our work. That is, the creation of a product with something akin to a soul. Our film‘Made in Lipsheim’expands on this subject, showing the making of The Vario 400 series cooktops

Hand making our mark

Of the 840 processes involved in assembling our refrigerators, 813 are by hand while our iconic 36" wide oven has been assembled by hand for over 30 years. Even our baking stone has our name hand-stamped into it. The making of our combi-steam ovens is the focus of our‘The creation of combi-steam’film


Working with professional chefs, we note what delights and frustrates them. Their equipment needs to be intuitive and enabling, focused and robust: chefs need to devote themselves to the dish, not the oven. And while appearance is not so vital in the workplace, it matters in the home.

Gaggenau Collection