The kitchen, always at your fingertips

At Gaggenau, we believe in manufacturing home appliances that enable our customers to create extraordinary cuisine.

Our lives and homes are becoming more connected, and digital services are a valuable add-on to this principle. Integrating the kitchen into our modern lifestyles, we are equipping a selection of our appliances with Home Connect, a platform that allows you to intuitively communicate with your appliance digitally, remotely, and at will – while also offering a wide range of other advantages such as remote service diagnostics and full integration into selected home management systems such as Josh Ai or Creston to only name a few.

Home Connect uses your local network.


Home Connect is a platform that embeds your kitchen appliances into selected home management systems (such as Crestron or Josh Ai) which allows it to interact with the appliances by voice or by hand.

You can also create individual routines for your lifestyle.

Remote monitoring/control*

The Home Connect App allows you to keep an eye on the current status of the appliance; for example, to make sure that the appliance is safely switched off, to start a program remotely*, to see how long the program has been running, or if a filter needs changing.

Customize the settings to your needs, no matter where you are.*For safety purposes, the remote start action needs to be activated at the appliance for ovens each time.

Remote diagnostics

Once you grant access, a Customer Service expert can troubleshoot and identify the issue before their visit, thus allowing them, for instance, to pre-order the adequate replacement part, which will limit downtime with your appliance and number of visits by our technician.

In addition, you will find many resources stored in the app, from your user manual to recipes.

Gaggenau Connected Appliances