Pure wine cabinets range

Store your wine in optimal condition

A design to compliment any interior.

Specially designed to be multifunctional, Pure offers the ultimate protection for your wine. Maturing, cooling and bringing your wine to room temperature are all possible.


Three temperature systems for storage conditions suited to your equirements

Single-temperature cabinetsrecreate the exact conditions found in a natural cellar by meeting the 5 criteria essential for wine storage:- A constant temperature thanks to Hot/Cold double control (temperature gradient +/- 0.5°c).- Suitable humidity levels. The walls in embossed aluminum participate in the process.- A permanent ventilation system is ensured by the breather effect.- U.V. protection, guaranteed for both the solid door and glass door which has highly effective U.V. screening.- Protection from vibrations thanks to the compressor, separated from the cabinet body.The wine serving cabinetbrings your bottles to the correct temperature for optimal tasting conditions. It offers up to 10 temperature zones (temperature staggered from 5 - 22°C / 41 - 72°F, allowing you to have, in one same cabinet, several types of wine (rosé, white, red) at an ideal serving temperature.The ‘‘3’’ temperature cabinets provide the perfect conditions for storing and bringing out the unique flavours of your wine. It has several separate temperature zones: 1 zone for storing wine (10-14°C / 50-57°F), 1 chilling compartment at the bottom (9-15°C / 48-59°F) and 1 compartment for bringing wine to room temperature, at the top (15-22°C / 59 - 72°F).CHOOSE THE WINE CABINET THAT BEST SUITS YOUR INTERIOR

Available in 3 sizes, Pure can store 74 - 234 bottles. It has a wide range of finishes allowing it to fit in in any interior. It is possible to choose the colour, door and cladding of your wine cabinet.

The Premium version benefits from a strip of light, which surrounds the entire cabinet with a protective amber halo, plus an exceptionally user-friendly shelf fitted with a soft-close device for quiet, smooth handling.


The interior layout of your wine cabinet is completely customizable.
The shelves with a wooden front are fixed to hold the maximum number of bottles or sliding to facilitate individual access to them. If you want to change, it is also possible to opt for the display shelf allowing you to display your best bottles.