Première wine cabinets range

Everything you need to mature your wine 

Take your first steps into the world of EuroCave. 

It's secret?  A clever combination of tradition and modernity...
Tradition, because cabinets in the Première range observe the 5 criteria essential for maturing wine in optimal conditions, recreating a protective environment.

Modernity, because these cabinets effectively combine aesthetic appeal and technology.  Beneath their bold lines playing with textures and materials, all of EuroCave’s expertise is concealed.

In creating this range we wanted to offer an elegant, customizable cabinet with a wide range of modern, stylish finishes


Let technology do the work for you… your wines are maturing in optimal conditions!

Exclusively designed to mature your wine, Première recreates the same conditions found in a natural cellar to bring your wines to their prime:

A constant, consistent temperature thanks to double hot/cold control. Temperature can be set from 9-15°C.Suitable humidity levels thanks to the walls in embossed aluminum.Constant ventilation is ensured by a ventilation inlet at the top and bottom of the cabinet.UV protection is guaranteed for both the solid and glass door with highly-effective UV filtration.Extra protection from vibration owing to the actual design of the cabinet and also a compressor which is separate from the cabinet body.Suitable storage with the “Main du Sommelier” shelf.

The reliability of the fault prevention alarms and a reinforced lock are definite advantages in terms of guaranteeing the safety of your wine.


Cabinets in the Première range immediately win you over with their bold, colourful lines.

The colours are modern... darkest black, passionate red or satin silver.The detailed lines play with textures and materials.The handle is completely concealed in the side of the door, to achieve a contemporary finish. There is a reading light: a detachable lamp built into the cabinet, which illuminates your bottles and effectively displays them.