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EuroCave Accessories

Presentation option - For Premium sliding shelves only

Presentation option - For Premium sliding shelves only

Model Number: AOPRESAR2

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Compatible for sliding shelves of the Revelation range

The articulated display kit is made up of a fixed half-shelf and a kit that is mounted on a sliding shelf in this way combining storage, easy access to bottles and inclined bottle presentation; This model is compatible with the EuroCave cabinets in the Revelation range.
The recesses of the storage half-shelf are universal and can hold Alsace, traditional Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles.

Important facts

A functional and attractive shelf
• The articulated shelf allows elegant inclined presentation of bottles which are placed in an articulated support. When the shelf is pulled out, the support facilitates access to the bottles stored. • The EuroCave articulated display kit combines advanced technology and aesthetic appeal.


Data sheet

Main features
Item code AOPRESAR2
Warranty 6 months parts
Type of shelf Display shelves
Type of product Shelves
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 49x540x540
Interior layout
Maximum capacity Up to 32 bottles
Shelf materials black epoxy-coated steel
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