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Sliding shelf - Light oak Main du Sommelier- 12 bottles

Sliding shelf - Light oak Main du Sommelier- 12 bottles

Model Number: ACMS2W

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The Revelation “Main du Sommelier », the luxury of changing your mind  - Also for Pure range

This premium shelf comes as standard with EuroCave cabinets in the Revelation range and is available as an optional extra for cabinets in the Pure range.
The sliding shelves facilitate individual access to bottles and allow you to display 12 bottles on one single row.
This premium model with its Light oak, offers the advantage of a new generation interior layout, for increased ergonomics and user-friendliness.
The shelf labels in epoxy-coated steel can be placed where you choose on the shelf, allowing you to easily record the names of your wines. Erasable white marker pen not included.
A soft-close devices mounted on each sliding shelf allows quiet handling and ensures that it slides smoothly back into the cabinet.


EuroCave advantage: The front part of the shelfallows you to organize you wine cabinet according to your wishes, thanks to 2 modular bottle holders.

You wish to unveil your labels? Choose a horizontal presentation of the bottles on the label side. You prefer to optimize the capacity of your shelf? arrange your bottles head to tail, by removing the 2 bottle holders and repositioning the 6 “Main du sommelier”. It’s up to you!

Important facts

The Main du Sommelier

This shelf model contains 12 premium main du sommelier models with a reworked aesthetic finish and more user-friendly design with regard to positioning the bottle.

It was by working with sommeliers that the idea of developing this patented bottle support came to us. So it seemed logical to name this innovative product after them.

The main du sommelier carefully holds all of your precious bottles by combining a rigid structure to hold the bottle with a flexible material which adapts to its shape and protects it from vibration.
This protective structure gently slides along the guidelines of the shelf in order to adapt the shape of each bottle.

Data sheet

Main features
Warranty 6 months parts
Type of product Shelves
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 49x540x540
Type of shelf Sliding shelves
Item code ACMS2W
Interior layout
Shelf materials black epoxy-coated steel
Shelves front Light oak
Maximum capacity Up to 12 bottles
Specific features
Weight (kg) 3,2
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