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Vin au verre 8.0

Vin au verre 8.0

Model Number: VV8.0

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Vin au Verre 8.0 for an efficient & well managed wine by the glass service

Vin au Verre 8.0 offers design, temperature performance, the ability to control the amount of wine served, preserve 8 open bottles and visualize sales achieved, all easily managed thanks to the unique touch screen…

Capacity: 8 open bottles and 6 – 8 spare bottles depending on sizes. Possibility of storing 2 Magnums per compartment

Bringing wine to the correct serving temperature: 2 temperature compartments which can be set independently (6-15°C and 9-18°C) for white and red wine

Preservation of 8 open bottles: 3 weeks, by nitrogen

Control over service: 3 volumes per tap which can be set independently. The screen indicates the volume remaining in each bottle in real time.

A unique touch screen for all management tasks: settings, tutorials and statistics

Bottles changed in less than 10 seconds

Automated cleaning of the 8 taps simultaneously

Modern design: suspended bottles, lighting of compartments and taps



At every stage of service, Vin au Verre 8.0 supports professionals in managing and developing their wine by the glass offering.

User friendly preparation thanks to a unique touchscreen...

  • The touch screen allows you to very easily configure all the information required during service: bottle names, setting of temperatures, lighting, measures and their prices…
  • The tutorials and information on the screen guide and support users in their daily use of the machine.

Efficiency and productivity before, during and after service!

  • A 12 cl measure is served in record time: just 6 seconds
  • Bottles are changed in less than 10 seconds and the glass holders allow to serve several glasses at the same time
  • The storage of 6 to 8 spare bottles allows to have the replacement bottle ready to serve at the correct temperature 
  • A FIRST – The automated system cleans 8 taps at the same time in under 3 minutes without you having to handle the wine bottles. No other wine by the glass serving product has this feature

Constant control of wines served

...control of measures, remaining volume displayed on screen, ability to see sales

Vin au Verre 8.0 records the glasses served and it is therefore easy to consult a statistical review on the appliance in order to find out which were the best sales for a given period and to determine what improvements can be made to the wine list... to increase the wine turnover!

A modern design to highlight the wine list...

Thanks to its innovative design with suspended bottles and lighting effects inside the compartments and on the taps, Vin au Verre 8.0 attractively displays your wine by the glass offering!

No compromise on the performance!

 Temperature settings observed, accurate measures, quality of glasses served: no foam or splashes!

Peace of mind management...

  • Doors can be locked by key and measures can be locked by code
  • The Manager and waiter can each have a confidential code, for different purposes
  • Long-term commitment with guarantee and maintenance
  • The product is certified to food contact standards: NSF and CE 1935/2004



Preserving open bottles and bringing your wine to the correct serving temperature 
Opting for a EuroCave Professional wine by the glass serving product is your guarantee that your wine will be perfectly preserved and stored at the correct serving temperature... It is choosing a high-tech product to protect your bottles from oxidation and in this way guaranteeing that your wine will be served with its flavours intact, which will delight your customers from the first to the last glass. 

Eight bottles at an ideal serving temperature (4 white/4 red or 8 white or 8 red), plus 8 extra bottles, ready to be served. 
For wine to fully express its flavours, it must be served at the correct temperature. In this way, red wines need to be stored at around 16°C, white or rosé wines at around 8°C. 

Tasting qualities preserved for up to 3 weeks after opening thanks to a nitrogen system. 
With the Vin au Verre 8.0, you significantly enhance your service of wine by the glass: it guarantees accurate service of the desired measure and prevents waste, whilst dramatically displaying bottles thanks to its elegant glass Doors and amber LED lighting.

Storage advice

Storage and preservation advice

Did you know? All wines mature at the same temperature, whether underground or in an electric wine cabinet.

Maturing cabinets EuroCave reproduces all of the criteria required for effectively maturing wines, in this way recreating, on a smaller scale, the ideal storage conditions found in a natural cellar. 5 criteria are essential for a wine to reach its full potential:

A constant temperature - For optimal wine maturing, it is necessary to have a stable temperature of 10°C - 14°C, whatever the external temperature is.
Suitable humidity levels - It is essential to maintain suitable humidity levels, between 50 and 80%. The ideal humidity level is 50 - 80%.

Below 50%, the cork could dry out causing the wine to leech out. Above 80%, condensation could appear on the bottles and the labels could peel off. Mould may even develop if there is insufficient air circulation.

Ideal ventilation - it is essential to ensure there is sufficient air circulation or mould and bacteria could develop.

Maximum protection from light - For optimal maturation, wine must be protected from all sources of light: only darkness prevents the deterioration of tannins by oxidation. Direct sunlight containing UV rays causes irreparable damage to wine. Indirect light is also harmful. In the long term, it can break down the structure of the wine and dilute it.

Absence of vibrations - In order to mature in optimal conditions, wine must be protected from vibrations, which break down the molecules of some of wine's chemical compounds.

Serving Advice

Serving Advice

This wine cabinet is a wine Serving cabinet.

Wine serving cabinets bring wines to an ideal serving temperature. Cabinets with several temperature zones allow you to store several types of wine in them.

Indeed, temperature is a key element when serving and tasting wines.  A few degrees too high or too low prevents a great vintage from fully expressing itself!   A wine that is too cold will not reveal its aromas to the nose; if too warm it will appear to be too alcoholic.  When in the mouth, a wine served at an incorrect temperature will not reveal the entire palette of its flavours.

Did you know ? The ice bucket is perfect to keep the wine’s serving temperature during the meal or the tasting. However you do not refresh a wine with it, otherwise the drop in temperature will damage the flavours of your wine.

Wines & Temperatures

White wine serving Temperatures
-7-8°C : Simple Champagnes et sparkling wines, muscats, simple syrupy wines
- 9-10°C : Alsace late-harvest, sweet wines, light or acidic dry white wines
- 11-12°C : Dry white wines, medium-dry white wines (Vouvray, Pinot gris d'Alsace), Gewurztraminer, fine Champagnes, fine syrupy wines, Noble Grapes
- 13-14°C : High quality dry white wines, Vin Jaune and other oxidative styled wines
- 15-16°C : Aged wines

Rosé wine Temperatures
- 7-8°C : Simple rosé Champagnes and other sparkling rosés
- 9-10°C : Light rosés, quaffing wines
- 11-12°C Fine rosé champagnes, classic rosé wines
- 13-14°C :Bordeaux clarets, structured rosé wines, Burgundy rosés

Red wine Temperatures
- 11 - 12°C : light and fruity red wines
- 13 - 14°C : Beaujolais and low tannic wines, Banyuls and other Vin Doux Naturel
- 15 - 16°C : Burgundies, Rhône, Loire and medium-bodied red wines
- 17 - 18°C : Bordeaux and all the red wines with a good structure, Ports
- 19 - 20°C : Exceptional, developed wines

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